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Our company was incepted with the aim of providing world class products to buyers across the globe at lowest price.

We aim at providing products as per buyers needs with customized packaging options, printing personalization and also shipping the goods to the end supplier. We import and export products from different parts of the country to anywhere in the world and vice versa.

The company most often trades with buyers in countries like

  • The United States of America
  • The United Kingdom & European Nations
  • Gulf: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Other Gulf countries
  • Retailers Like Lulu, Carrefour, Al Meera, Grand in Gulf.

Over the years, we have gained a large amount of experience and expertise in the field which has enabled us to build a reputed name of ourselves.

Our Mission

Our mission to provide clients with world-class services in the field of imports and exports. With our level of operational processes and expertise, we aim to create a seamless procurement, personalisation and storage services to make businesses easier for our clients.

Our Vision

To ease the process of exports and imports using unique and more efficient processes to complete the business paths of our clients. We look into optimising the transactions at every step of the import and export chain for all products. Right from procurement to dispatched.

Our Experience

Over the years of our operations, we have worked with many different companies from countries all over the world. This has enabled us to gain experience in various processes and functions in different fields. With the experience over the years, we have expanded our services greatly.

Why choose customer our services

We at EasyEx Overseas, cater to each of our clients as though we are a part of their team rather than an outside party? This ensures that we see the client's motive as our own and work towards in the same way.

We aim to give our clients the best service in all possible ways right from sourcing products, packaging, printing, and storage of imported and exported goods.

Our services provide for ample amounts of warehouse space. These warehouses are equipped to store products for long periods of time, taking into account requirements like temperature sensitivity, packaging, palletization to name a few.

We provide experiential services in batch printing, packaging solutions and dispatchment of goods from port to port. Our services include the printing of information on packages. We customize the text based on the requirements of the client. We print in different languages and incorporate information like dates and countries.

We also provided packaging options. These can range from bags and pouches to boxes and cartons. All the packaging material used of extremely high quality and can withstand adverse situations during transportation.

We have a specialized team of experts who deal in the integrated dispatch and receival of goods that have been exported via ship and are ready to be imported by the other party. We take care of all your shipping needs under one roof.