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a) FACE MASKS - Face mask 3 ply (Spunbond/Meltblown/Spunbond) with 1 ply of bacteria filter layer , disposable, with rust proof nose clip (Face Tie type & Elastic strings ear loops both type available). PFE: ≥95%, BFE: ≥95%

b) KN95 MASKS – 4 layers of Non-woven material, adjustable rust proof nose clip

c) LATEX GLOVES - Disposable examination gloves made of soft latex, powder-free; highly elastic and tear-resistant; texturing of the finger area ensures optimum grip; excellent fit and high tactile sensitivity; With ASTM, ISO & CE approved. (Small/Medium/Large). Box of 100 gloves.

d) DISINFECTANT - 75% Ethanol Alcohol – 75% ethanol based disinfectant, available in different sizes as per client need.

e) NITRILE GLOVES - Disposable powder-free, non-sterile, 3.5g Nitrile, Food grade gloves – size L (CE Approved). Box of 100 gloves

f) STERILE RUBBER GLOVES (ALL SIZES) - Made of soft Rubber & duly sterile for single usage only. Packed per pair in single pouch

g) NON STERILE RUBBER GLOVES - Made of soft Rubber Packed 100 gloves per box

h) PVC PLASTIC GLOVES - Disposable plastic gloves individually packed Medical Grade Virgin P.V.C. / H.M.H.D. DOTTED Excellent Grip Length: Free Size 11 1/2" / 29.21 cm / 292.100mm. Type: Non Sterile / 50 pcs / 100 pcs Pack

i) PE GLOVES - Disposable powder-free, non-sterile, 1.0g PE, Food grade gloves – size L (CE Approved). Box of 100 gloves

j) PPE KIT - Each kit to contain 1.Wraparound Surgical Gown including a) Fully cover Gown form neck to knees, arms to end of wrists and wraparound the back b) Fasten in back of neck and wrist c) Put on Shoe covers length up to Calf one pair 2. N 95 Respirator Mask including a) Secure ties or elastic band at middle of head and neck b) Fit flexible band to nose bridge c) Fit snug to face and below chin 3) Gloves Extend to cover wrist of isolation gown (Nitrile gloves preferred one pair) 4) Goggles including a) Put on Hood Cover b) Place Goggles over face and eyes and adjust to fit 5) Waste Disposal bag 1pc.

k) SURGICAL GOWN - SFSMS Polypropylene nonwoven fabric with antistatic and alcohol repellent treatment ,- Raglan Sleeves, - Adjustable Hook & Loop Binding, - USFDA guidelines.- EXCEED EN 13795, - Fluorine Chemical Free, Confromite de European Marked

l) PLASTIC APRON - Plastic Apron, non-boilable, light weight, Thickness not less than 25 MICRON / 50 MICRON, green color, water proof, tapes at neck & waist length up to knee 48 inches chest 34 inches

m) FACE SHIELDS - Made of clear plastic and provides good visibility to both the wearer and the patient. Adjustable band to secure firmly around and fit snuggly against the forehead. Fog resistant (preferable).Completely covers the sides and length of the face. May be re-usable (made of material which can be cleaned and disinfected).Quality compliant with the below standards or equivalent: - EN Standard directive 86/686/EEC, EN 166/2002-ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2010

n) SINGLE USE PROTECTIVE SURGEON HEADS CAP OR HOOD - SSS Non-woven fabric, flat cap, antibacterial hydrophobic, breathable. CE approved. Box of 500 caps

o) SINGLE USE PROTECTIVE OVER BOOT COVER - SF Non-woven fabric, tall type, waterproof, antibacterial, breathable. CE approved. Box of 500 pairs

p) HOSPITAL BED SHEETS - Disposable PE & Non-Woven Bed Sheets made of PE / non-woven fabric, waterproof